Care Guide

How to properly care about your wonderful jewelry pieces. I only work with high-quality materials that last you a long time, if you take proper care. Here are some tips to make sure your jewelry last for years. 

There are a few things that can cause damaging of the gold layer. One of the worst things that harm your jewelry are pools, hot tubs and chlorine. All the chemicals can ruin your jewelry after a couple of dips in it. I would also recommend to put on your jewelry after you use hair and body products, sunscreen etc. The less mild a product is, the harsher it will be to your jewelry. If you are sunbathing with sunscreen I would just don´t wear the jewelry. The combination of humidity, sweat and salt during a vacation for example over extended period of time will also deteriorate the structure of your jewelry.

Mild soap is an exception and here comes the cleaning part. It's safe to get your gold-filled jewelry wet. If your pieces are exposed to a lot that can harm them prepare a bowl of warm water with a tiny bit of mild, clear dish soap. Let your jewelry pieces soak for a minute, rinse thoroughly, several times to make sure all of the soap washed off. Dry off the pieces and make sure they are completely dry before wearing or storing them. Daily maintenance would simply include wiping the jewelry down with a soft cloth to take off the build ups. Polishing cloth are a great option to do so. 

The best way to storage your jewelry when not wearing it is to place it in an airtight container. Make sure it is completely dry.