Permanent Jewelry

Forever and ever...

Permanent Jewelry is the easiest everyday accessory. It is custom fit and welded into place. Enjoy claspless hustle free jewelry. It is designed to stay until you decide you want it off. The process is painless, easy and fun!


We carry a variety of dainty chains. Choose between 14k solid gold, 14k gold-filled & sterling silver chains that will be permanently closed with a ring or a charm. All chains are tarnish free, safe for sensitive skin and can be lived in.

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Does it hurt?

Not at all! Unlike soldering, there is no flame, just a teeny-tiny spark.

How do I care for my permanent jewelry?

You can clean your jewelry with warm water, a gentle tooth brush and dish soap. Jewelry polishing cloths also work great to get them polished up and back to their super shiny selves!

Can I get trough the airport security?

Yes you can! Travelers can wear fine jewelry through airport security without any issues. Your permanent jewelry will travel with you world wide!

What about surgery, X-ray or MRI?

Consult your doctor if you will be required to remove your permanent jewelry during your appointment. If your doctor requires to remove it we will re-bond it for you free of charge.

If you have a pacemaker you should not undergo the welding procedure.

Can I remove the permanent jewelry on my own?

Yes, you can. Simply cut it off with scissors or a wire-cutter. If you can, cut the ring that attaches the chain together to ensure the cleanest look. For a small fee we can re-weld the bracelet or add a clasp.