Permanent Jewelry

Permanent Jewelry Santa Cruz

Your forever jewelry
Permanent Jewelry creates a piece of jewelry that becomes a constant in your life, symbolizing permanence, commitment, or simply a love for a particular piece.
Expertly welded together, Permanent Jewelry represents enduring elegance and hassle-free accessorizing.

Why Permanent Jewelry?

Permanent Jewelry is an expression of style, intention, and commitment. It's a representation of something enduring – be it self-love, a personal achievement, or a connection to someone else. It can serve as a constant reminder of whatever that piece symbolizes for you!

How does it work?
The process is swift and straightforward. First, select from our range of high-quality chains, available in 14k solid gold, 14k gold-filled, and sterling silver. Next, if you wish, choose from our charming array of charms to add a personal touch. Our expertly trained team will then precisely fit the jewelry to ensure the perfect size for you, followed by a quick welding to seamlessly secure the piece.

This entire procedure is completely pain-free and typically completed in less than 15 minutes. All our chains are designed to be tarnish-resistant, ensuring long-lasting shine and beauty. They are also safe for sensitive skin, making them suitable for continuous wear.

Images shows the process of permanent jewelry. First you pick from an array of solid gold, 14-K gold filled, or sterling silver chains. You can decided then if you want to add charms. Next, the chain will be welded to your wrist, if you choose a bracelet. This process is pain-free.



How do I remove my Permanent Jewelry?
You can remove it yourself, if you want. Simply cut it off with scissors or a wire-cutter. If you can, cut the ring that attaches the chain together to ensure the cleanest look. For a small fee we can re-weld the bracelet or add a clasp.

What if I don’t want the jewelry piece to be permanent anymore?
Our main goal always is to make you happy and find joy in wearing our jewelry. If that means having the option to take the jewelry off when needed, then we are happy to add a clasp to your jewelry piece for a fee in order to make it removable. 

What if my Permanent Jewelry breaks?
In the rare instance that your Permanent Jewelry breaks, we are more than happy to re-weld the piece for you under our Permanent Jewelry lifetime guarantee.

How do I take care of my Permanent Jewelry?
You can clean your jewelry with warm water, a gentle tooth brush and dish soap. Jewelry polishing cloths also work great to get them polished up and back to their super shiny selves!
We also created a Care Guide for you to reference on how to maintain your jewelry’s shine and longevity. 
Additionally, we also offer a jewelry polisher and hand soap, that automatically cleans your jewelry every time you wash your hands. 

Can I get through the airport security?
Yes you can! Travelers can wear fine jewelry through airport security without any issues. Your permanent jewelry will travel with you world wide!

What about surgery, X-ray or MRI?

Consult your doctor if you will be required to remove your permanent jewelry during your appointment. If your doctor requires it to be removed, we will re-bond it for you free of charge.
If you have a pacemaker you should not undergo the welding procedure.

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